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Where to Buy

All of North Haven Island’s natural wonders come together to produce a bright green shell, when shucked, tastes of the perfect balance of earthiness and brine, with a calm, clean finish.



"The Shop" on North Haven

Open spring, summer & fall at 211 Middle Road on North Haven Island. Come say hello and slurp some down, or even better, book a farm tour for the full experience!  

Shipped Overnight to Your Kitchen

Order Online 

Island Creek is one of the premiere oyster wholesalers on the east coast. With free overnight shipping, you now have easy access to our oysters from across the country. 

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Savor in Style


Enjoy North Havens alongside other delicious local oysters at some of the finest restaurants in Maine. Here are some of our favorite regulars: 

Eventide - Portland, ME

Nebo Lodge - North Haven, ME

Sammy's Deluxe - Rockland, ME

Aragosta - Deer Isle, ME

Barren's - Camden, ME

Scales - Portland, ME

If you're a restaurant serving our oysters, reach out and let us know

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